Applause está elegível a platina quíntula no USA

O tempo te inocentou…hino!

Queria a Gaga flopar assim de novo

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Eu adoro essa música e clipe kkkk

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Amo tanto


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podem falar oq for, mas essa música não envelheceu nada

ainda soa fresh

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Melhor que Roar

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mas roar sempre foi leite

imagina ter mais de 20 anos e ouvir aquilo

dark horse surra

Felizmente defendo desde 2013, hino

MR maior



Roar 504,862

|Born This Way|522,430,453|319,750|
|Rain On Me (with Ariana Grande)|968,718,847|316,550|
|Hold My Hand|243,873,624|305,584|
|Million Reasons|739,670,082|292,824|
|The Edge Of Glory|263,607,227|141,275|
|Sour Candy (with BLACKPINK)|331,648,936|129,726|
|I’ll Never Love Again - Film Version - Radio Edit|330,601,599|114,454|
|Government Hooker|75,331,278|112,775|
|Stupid Love|354,011,065|85,554|
|You And I|156,812,778|64,851|
|I’ll Never Love Again - Extended Version|200,814,255|56,744|
|The Cure|359,106,219|52,146|
|Is That Alright?|131,566,339|38,767|
|Marry The Night|106,454,641|38,760|
|Perfect Illusion|208,547,445|38,703|
|* Main Titles (You’ve Been Called Back to Top Gun)|29,292,464|37,725|
|Look What I Found|142,501,538|29,226|
|John Wayne|105,255,932|22,446|
|* Top Gun Anthem|20,266,877|22,244|
|Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)|57,409,349|21,737|
|Money Honey|26,451,746|21,713|
|Free Woman|74,999,376|21,673|
|I Don’t Know What Love Is|99,072,600|20,764|
|Music To My Eyes|120,207,351|20,114|
|Beautiful, Dirty, Rich|50,941,209|19,896|
|So Happy I Could Die|47,886,360|17,118|
|* Cheek To Cheek|31,747,261|16,560|
|La Vie En Rose|74,259,649|16,513|
|Dance In The Dark|45,471,508|16,113|
|Rain On Me - Purple Disco Machine Remix - Edit|26,086,281|14,811|
|Boys Boys Boys|40,460,480|14,466|
|Heal Me|83,195,283|14,227|
|Heavy Metal Lover|26,877,553|12,975|
|The Fame|38,270,046|12,947|
|Your Song|40,327,537|11,819|
|* Darkstar|10,516,150|11,764|
|Sine From Above (with Elton John)|52,403,093|11,461|
|Sexxx Dreams|38,127,604|11,358|
|Diggin’ My Grave|80,010,944|11,093|
|* The Man, The Legend / Touchdown|8,798,533|10,902|
|Dancin’ In Circles|57,756,033|10,246|
|Diamond Heart|56,407,184|10,168|
|Til It Happens To You|42,197,253|10,001|
|* I’ve Got You Under My Skin|8,250,499|9,931|
|* You’re Where You Belong / Give ‘Em Hell|8,577,329|9,691|
|Plastic Doll - Ashnikko Remix|12,350,945|9,478|
|Fun Tonight|47,787,564|9,279|
|* Video Phone (feat. Lady Gaga)|23,818,897|8,687|
|Plastic Doll|44,530,743|8,413|
|Paper Gangsta|28,617,373|8,027|
|Why Did You Do That?|62,526,176|7,936|
|* I Get A Kick Out Of You|11,429,534|7,850|
|1000 Doves|39,773,006|7,824|
|I Like It Rough|25,019,824|7,795|
|Fun Tonight - Pabllo Vittar Remix|21,579,784|7,719|
|Before I Cry|53,087,954|7,703|
|* Anything Goes|30,081,182|6,759|
|Hey Girl|41,448,460|6,463|
|Brown Eyes|20,314,982|6,293|
|Mary Jane Holland|21,121,970|6,192|
|Chromatica II|44,275,109|6,023|
|Disco Heaven|13,042,517|5,850|
|Electric Chapel|16,654,045|5,528|
|Chromatica I|32,517,458|5,440|
|* Chillin|24,034,461|5,437|
|Joanne (Where Do You Think You’re Goin’?) - Piano Version|22,398,907|5,429|
|Hair Body Face|46,185,905|5,346|
|Bad Romance - Skrillex Remix|8,325,903|5,304|
|* Dagger One Is Hit / Time To Let Go|5,366,161|5,212|
|* Penny Returns - Interlude|4,751,212|5,211|
|Sinner’s Prayer|38,938,353|5,124|
|* Tally Two / What’s The Plan / F-14|4,786,870|5,037|
|Bad Kids|17,455,642|4,962|
|Grigio Girls|33,273,062|4,841|
|* I Want Your Love|8,401,800|4,834|
|* It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)|13,817,702|4,745|
|* The Lady is a Tramp|18,385,253|4,492|
|Angel Down|32,664,800|4,485|
|Jewels N’ Drugs|16,851,559|4,265|
|* Love For Sale|6,107,764|4,176|
|Telephone - Electrolightz Remix|5,557,487|4,094|
|* Nature Boy|10,150,825|4,059|
|Black Jesus + Amen Fashion|11,547,426|4,032|
|Poker Face - LLG vs GLG Radio Mix|6,392,746|4,009|
|Highway Unicorn (Road To Love)|15,354,540|3,960|
|Just Another Day|26,936,505|3,614|
|Come To Mama|32,136,005|3,609|
|Just Dance - RedOne Remix|4,599,620|3,466|
|Sour Candy (with BLACKPINK) - Shygirl & Mura Masa Remix|7,117,353|3,466|
|Fashion Of His Love|10,565,994|3,353|
|Replay - Dorian Electra Remix|6,248,374|3,286|
|911 - Sofi Tukker Remix|9,790,904|3,153|
|Free Woman - Rina Sawayama & Clarence Clarity Remix|7,155,556|3,000|
|911 - Charli XCX & A. G. Cook Remix|9,033,034|2,879|
|Babylon - Haus Labs Version|5,971,153|2,687|
|The Queen|8,266,008|2,601|
|* I Can’t Give You Anything But Love|10,360,907|2,594|
|Angel Down - Work Tape|20,275,940|2,504|
|* I Won’t Dance|8,702,789|2,320|
|Born This Way - The Country Road Version|7,788,313|2,270|
|* Let’s Face The Music And Dance|6,634,131|2,129|
|Babylon - Bree Runway & Jimmy Edgar Remix|4,699,025|2,128|
|* But Beautiful|6,603,562|2,053|
|* They All Laughed|4,701,337|2,029|
|* Goody Goody|5,215,535|1,956|
|* Firefly|6,698,308|1,886|
|Stupid Love - COUCOU CHLOE Remix|4,921,145|1,809|
|Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye|5,379,531|1,783|
|* It’s De-Lovely|2,773,308|1,771|
|Do I Love You|2,538,601|1,663|
|* Night And Day|2,411,311|1,627|
|Rain On Me (with Ariana Grande) - Arca Remix|4,693,014|1,571|
|Lush Life|6,630,405|1,445|
|Sine From Above (with Elton John) - Chester Lockhart, Mood Killer & Lil Texas Remix|3,226,419|1,276|
|Alice - LSDXOXO Remix|3,842,965|1,273|
|Bad Romance - Radio Edit|4,598,945|1,252|
|Alejandro - Skrillex Remix|9,298,732|1,152|
|Applause - Empire Of The Sun Remix|2,539,835|1,135|
|Let’s Do It|1,833,823|1,088|
|911 - Bruno Martini Remix|1,708,347|1,085|
|Marry The Night - Zedd Remix|4,654,196|1,085|
|Judas - DJ White Shadow Remix|4,356,613|1,084|
|* I Concentrate On You|1,688,010|1,022|
|Stupid Love - Vitaclub Warehouse Mix|3,949,325|1,021|
|LoveGame - Chew Fu Ghettohouse Fix|4,848,419|995|
|* You’re The Top|1,453,007|972|
|* Dream Dancing|1,457,941|917|
|Poker Face - Live at The Cherrytree House Piano & Voice Version|4,104,322|909|
|Rain On Me - Purple Disco Machine Remix|2,915,106|849|
|The Edge Of Glory - Live From “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving”|3,776,741|844|
|ScheiBe - DJ White Shadow Mugler|3,476,500|783|
|Million Reasons - Andrelli Remix|8,477,309|772|
|Enigma - Doss Remix|2,628,199|771|
|Million Reasons - KVR Remix|3,640,015|749|
|Born This Way - Jost & Naaf Remix|3,113,353|748|
|1000 Doves - Planningtorock Remix|2,086,151|738|
|Yoü And I - Live from “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving’”|3,020,537|732|
|Rain On Me - Ralphi Rosario Remix - Edit|1,601,113|703|
|Fashion Of His Love - Fernando Garibay Remix|2,835,406|682|
|Applause - Purity Ring Remix|1,176,162|650|
|* Gimme Shelter - Live|342,976|615|
|Judas - R3HAB Remix|1,096,088|552|
|Applause - DJ White Shadow Trap Remix|1,483,492|550|
|* Big Girl Now|2,615,875|535|
|Bad Romance - Chew Fu H1N1 Fix|1,654,485|532|
|Bad Romance - Kaskade Remix|687,791|509|
|The Edge Of Glory - Cahill Club Mix|1,314,429|499|
|Paparazzi - Stuart Price Remix|2,158,382|490|
|Christmas Tree|10,577,404|468|
|Telephone - Alphabeat Remix Edit|1,466,932|447|
|Rain On Me - Ralphi Rosario Remix|1,095,348|431|
|Free Woman - Honey Dijon Realness Remix Edit|2,924,111|428|
|Bad Romance - DJ Dan Remix|488,039|399|
|Scheiße - Guena LG Club Remix|1,029,014|366|
|Retro, Dance, Freak|2,730,730|363|
|Bad Romance - Bimbo Jones Radio Remix|1,225,002|361|
|Alejandro - The Sound of Arrows Remix|2,354,997|341|
|Poker Face - Dave Audé Remix|657,900|334|
|Paparazzi - Moto Blanco Radio Mix|832,035|333|
|Orange Colored Sky - Live from “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving’”|1,448,822|325|
|The Edge Of Glory - Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix|1,600,617|319|
|LoveGame - Robots To Mars Remix|1,379,665|316|
|Born This Way - Zedd Remix|2,758,747|315|
|* Winter Wonderland|32,487,777|313|
|Bloody Mary - The Horrors Remix|893,352|300|
|Marry The Night - The Weeknd & Illangelo Remix|1,299,690|299|
|Born This Way - Bimbo Jones Club Remix|809,360|298|
|Poker Face - Jody den Broeder Remix|652,311|296|
|LoveGame - Dave Aude Radio Edit|930,806|295|
|G.U.Y. - KDrew Remix|1,174,693|286|
|Poker Face - Space Cowboy Remix|760,159|280|
|Just Dance - Live at The Cherrytree House Stripped Down Version|886,641|265|
|Telephone - Kaskade Extended Remix|594,852|256|
|Yoü And I - Mark Taylor Remix|528,267|252|
|Judas - Hurts Remix|1,073,534|251|
|Alejandro - Bimbo Jones Remix|820,511|235|
|Judas - Goldfrapp Remix|1,690,254|232|
|Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) - Electric Piano and Human Beat Box Version|922,306|230|
|Alejandro - Dave Aude Remix|878,030|228|
|Dance In The Dark - Monarchy ‘Stylites’ Remix|1,181,866|227|
|White Christmas - Live|6,891,712|211|
|911 - Sofi Tukker Extended Remix|860,093|204|
|Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) - Pet Shop Boys Radio Mix|1,375,268|185|
|Paparazzi - James Carameta Tabloid Remix|400,170|181|
|Telephone - Kaskade Radio Remix|125,547|171|
|Bad Romance - Starsmith Remix|1,891,388|169|
|Just Dance - Richard Vission Remix|2,396,396|169|
|Telephone - Alphabeat Extended Remix|613,901|157|
|Just Dance - Deewaan Remix|795,176|155|
|Marry The Night - R3hab Remix|422,451|154|
|911 - Bruno Martini Extended Remix|294,131|152|
|Telephone - Crookers Vocal Remix|730,253|148|
|Telephone - DJ Dan Vocal Remix|1,194,888|148|
|The Edge Of Glory - Foster The People Remix|1,282,070|145|
|Yoü And I - Radio Edit|996,418|141|
|Judas - Guena LG Club Remix|329,516|139|
|Paparazzi - Demolition Crew Remix|253,540|135|
|Telephone - Ming Extended Remix|332,981|135|
|Marry The Night - Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Remix|258,614|133|
|Judas - Royksopp’s European Imbecile Mix|375,391|129|
|Alejandro - Afrojack Remix|1,668,285|127|
|Again Again|1,990,154|127|
|Telephone - DJ Dan Extended Vocal Remix|508,619|122|
|The Fame - Glam As You Remix - Radio Edit Version|818,848|119|
|Bad Romance - Grum Remix|865,476|118|
|Born This Way - DJ White Shadow Remix|336,954|115|
|Boys Boys Boys - Manhattan Clique Remix|1,111,078|114|
|Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) - FrankMusik “Cut Snare Edit” Remix|1,156,660|112|
|911 - WEISS Remix|300,774|111|
|Electric Chapel - Two Door Cinema Club Remix|739,201|106|
|Yoü And I - Metronomy Remix|857,470|105|
|Alejandro - Rusko’s Pupuseria Remix|1,288,845|103|
|Applause - Goldhouse Remix|334,610|101|
|Telephone - Passion Pit Remix|1,448,044|100|
|Yoü And I - Wild Beasts Remix|1,193,844|99|
|LoveGame - Space Cowboy Remix|483,284|91|
|Just Dance - HCCR’S Bambossa Main Mix|490,717|88|
|Paparazzi - CHEW FU Ghettohouse Fix|249,574|82|
|Marry The Night - Danny Verde Remix|212,601|77|
|Just Dance - Trevor Simpson Remix|354,761|77|
|G.U.Y. - St. Lucia Remix|929,740|77|
|Black Jesus + Amen Fashion - Michael Woods Remix|763,329|72|
|Applause - Viceroy Remix|449,980|70|
|Americano - Gregori Klosman Remix|594,127|69|
|Marry The Night - Zedd Remix|535,340|66|
|Yoü And I - Danny Verde Remix|126,074|65|
|Applause - Bent Collective Club Mix|356,668|65|
|Yoü And I - ATB Remix|217,770|62|
|Born This Way - Twin Shadow Remix|615,350|61|
|Poker Face - Glam As You Club Mix|156,390|59|
|LoveGame - Jody Den Broeder Radio Edit|383,100|56|
|Telephone - Tom Neville’s Ear Ringer Radio Remix|214,228|54|
|Born This Way - Grum Remix|289,352|54|
|Telephone - Doctor Rosen Rosen Main Remix|225,130|52|
|Free Woman - Honey Dijon Realness Remix|285,499|52|
|Born This Way - Chew Fu Born To Fix Remix|295,518|52|
|Applause - DJ White Shadow Electrotech Remix|343,825|52|
|G.U.Y. - Wayne G Throwback Anthem|239,062|50|
|Judas - Mirrors Une Autre Monde Mix – Nuit|167,733|49|
|Born This Way - Dada Life Remix|515,972|47|
|Alejandro - Kleerup Remix|304,812|44|
|Paparazzi - Filthy Dukes Remix|357,199|43|
|The Edge Of Glory - Porter Robinson Remix|264,780|42|
|Yoü And I - 10 Kings Remix|290,254|42|
|The Edge Of Glory - Bare Noize Remix|361,551|42|
|Marry The Night - Afrojack Remix|554,222|41|
|Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) - Mattafix Mix|164,821|40|
|Born This Way - Michael Woods Remix|434,092|40|
|Just Dance - Space Cowboy Remix|101,462|38|
|Born This Way - LA Riots Remix|301,844|36|
|LoveGame - Dave Aude Club Mix|191,204|35|
|Applause - Fareoh Remix|275,774|35|
|G.U.Y. - Lovelife Remix|338,968|33|
|LoveGame - Jody Den Broeder Club Mix|181,196|31|
|Judas - Thomas Gold Remix|120,684|30|
|G.U.Y. - Rami Samir Afuni Remix|231,422|29|
|Paparazzi - Yuksek Remix|171,014|27|
|Judas - John Dahlback Remix|223,101|26|
|Alejandro - Kim Fai Remix|227,860|26|
|Just Dance - Tony Arzadon Remix|106,430|25|
|Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) - Bollywood Remix|117,480|25|
|Telephone - Tom Neville’s Ear Ringer Remix|123,188|24|
|Marry The Night - Sidney Samson Remix|145,418|24|
|Judas - Chris Lake Remix|114,750|22|
|Marry The Night - Lazy Rich Remix|121,965|22|
|Yoü And I - Mark Taylor Remix Radio Edit|174,551|17|
|Marry The Night - Quintino Remix|100,448|15|
|Bad Romance - Hercules & Love Affair Remix|194,119|14|
|Marry The Night - Sander Van Doorn Remix|192,056|12|
|The Edge Of Glory - Funkagenda Remix|299,727|12|
|Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) - Pet Shop Boys Extended Mix|189,434|10|
|Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) - Random Soul Remix|286,067|9|
|Marry The Night - John Dahlback Remix|127,588|8|
|Poker Face - Tommy Sparks & The Fury Remix|196,831|7|
|Judas - Mirrors Une Autre Monde Mix – Jour|104,664|5|
|Just Dance - Glam As You Mix By Guena LG - Radio Edit|281,559|2|
|* 3-Way (The Golden Rule)|20,892,667||
|Do What U Want|32,632,264||
|Do What U Want|119,956,504||

Applause Um hit, hino fresh que surra tanto Roar.
Roar pra mim definiu o conceito do que é envelhecer como leite que tanto se fala no forúm kkkkk

O megrah surto só porque alguém disse o óbvio

11 curtidas


Hino platinado
Um dia será diamante