Biden ganha facilmente as primárias Democratas da Carolina do Sul, com mais de 95% dos votos

CNN Projection: Biden will win South Carolina Democratic primary

From CNN’s Eric Bradner

President Joe Biden will win South Carolina’s Democratic primary, CNN projects.

Democrats made South Carolina their first official primary state of the 2024 cycle, and 55 delegates are at stake.

In a result that was largely expected, Biden will defeat his two nearest challengers, Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips and author Marianne Williamson, as he claims his first delegates in his quest to win his party’s nomination again.

This year marks the first time South Carolina has appeared at the front of the official Democratic nominating calendar — a change made largely due to Biden’s urging.

The post was updated with more details on the primary.

Black voters express enthusiasm about voting for Biden

Black voters in South Carolina told NBC News they were enthusiastic to vote for Biden in today’s primary, dismissing concerns that the president was losing support within the key demographic.

“He has done marvelous thing throughout the years that he was in there, and I’m very excited and blessed for him,” Gwennett Smith, a South Carolina voter, told NBC News.

Haley Hall, also a South Carolina voter, agreed, saying, “I think we’re probably making too much about” the idea that there’s a lack of excitement for Biden among Black voters.

“I think Joe Biden is doing a great job with all the things that he’s done, whether it’s the economy or improving relationships internationally. I think he’s done a lot for us, and I want to share my support for him,” he said.

NBC News polling in 2023 found that Black voters overall favored Biden over Trump 73% to 17%. But when it came to voters under the age of 34, the margin shrank. Among that slice of the Black electorate, Biden’s support fell to 60%; Trump’s rose to 28%.

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