China inicia operação contra a cultura de stans no país, vendas físicas de Kpop devem ser afetadas (de artistas ocidentais tb).

Chinese authorities have cracked down on celebrity and fan culture - how could this affect Kpop?

This article provides a bit more context on why the crackdown happened, but a few days ago Chinese authorities had published a 10-point list aimed at rectifying ‘toxic fan culture’ and preventing ‘celebrity worship/deification’, which included measures such as:

  • banning all forms of celebrity ranking - rankings of works (music, drama, etc. ) can still exist, but they cannot be tied to names of individual celebrities
  • [platforms/agencies/etc.] cannot provide inducement to fans to spend money for celebrities - displaying sales/votes rankings and tying missions/corners in shows to mechanisms which require spending are explicit examples of behaviour that should be discontinued
  • strictly monitor/control the involvement of minors - prohibit minor participation in any form of fan support which requires spending, prohibit minors from assuming leadership positions in fansites/fanclubs, etc.
  • regulate fundraising projects - strictly monitor platforms/organisations (including non-chinese ones) which encourage/participate in fundraising projects which do not align with the points above
  • making it explicit that agencies are responsible for fan behaviour - platforms should give celebrities and agencies which encourage fanwars and other toxic behaviour less exposure, or even none at all

It has only been a few days but some drastic changes have already happened: iQiyi, which produced Youth With You and Idol Producer, have announced they will no longer do idol survival programmes; QQ, the largest Chinese streaming platform, has banned repeat purchase of the same song/album (ie. mass downloading, digital sales inflation); after a massive fanwar, agencies of Zhao Liyin and Wang Yibo (UNIQ member and The Untamed actor) have been asked to meet up with authorities to discuss their mismanagement of fans.

The Kpop industry as a whole is definitely not as reliant on the Chinese market as it was a decade ago, but there are still specific groups which benefit from a large Chinese fandom. For these groups, I think the most obvious impact would probably be a decrease in physical sales as bars/fansites have to be incredibly cautious about raising funds for bulk purchases. Online fansigns hosted by Chinese platforms, which allow international participation, would probably also be discontinued, affecting physical sales in general. Can the impact of these measures seep into other aspects of the Kpop industry?

And on a bigger level, given how much less profitable the market will become after this, will it still be worth the hassle for Kpop agencies to do promotions which cater specifically to the Chinese market? (Looking at you LSM)

Fonte: Reddit

Resumo: Basicamente eles tão tentando diminuir o endeusamento de celebridades, não só de Kpop mas todas a celebridades chinesas também. Alguns artistas tipo a Jolin Tsai foram até banidos.


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