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DC Universe — Titans (2x02 disponível)

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Just give me a reason to care and “Flex Patrol” finally delivers on the promise of Rita Farr through an incredibly strong and emotional performance from April Bowlby. Rita goes from being the coward, self-centered character being pushed around to an emotionally complex woman who clearly has suffered tremendous amounts of guilt and self-loathing. After finally telling her story do we get to see a Rita that seems a little bit more sure or confident.

Primarily, April Bowlby needs to be highlighted for her work this week. Her evolution of Rita this season has been compelling, gradual, and honest. It has felt like a hero waking up to acknowledge her purpose. Bowlby has grown the character without entirely abandoning her vanity, ego, and occasional pettiness, and the result is a Rita Farr that maintains her biting sarcasm but then is incredibly vulnerable as she was opposite guest star Ed Asner.

Speaking of Rita, April Bowlby once again knocks it out of the park with another genuine and measured performance as the disgraced Miss Farr. Whether she’s breaking down and crying, consoling Vic, or wolfing down enough snowballs to feed a diabetic army, there’s an honesty to Rita that has slowly crept out of the character over the course of the season. While she still has many of the practiced, uptight mannerisms that the character has become known for, nothing about Rita in this episode feels like she’s holding anything back.

While her convoluted monologue finally reveals what her haunting mistake is that has followed her all season, I was at first taken back and a little disappointed that the episode was “telling instead of showing.” However, Bowlby sells every bit of Rita’s self doubt and regret, to the point where the show may have done the monologue a disservice by using such a layered reading as simply voiceover.

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parece que vai ser pelo HBO GO

Verei por meios ilegais então

A aclamação

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The shade of it ALL

Nos 20 anos da franquia X-Men kkkkkkkkkkk

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E cadê a mentira?



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Another one in the basket

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Acho que a história do superboy em Titans vai ser igual em Young Justice hein
Ele vai querer reconhecimento do superman, não vai conseguir e vai ser o novo esquentadinho do time, igual o Dick era na S1, a diferença é que ele pode causar uma destruição bem maior

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