Em entrevista pra Billboard, CEO da Republic diz: Taylor é a minha chefe!

Os irmãos donos da Republic Records concederam entrevista à Billboard falando sobre o ano da gravadora e seus artistas, a Republic foi escolhida como Gravadora do Ano pela Billboard em 2021, confira:

Recently, Monte recalls with a smile, he overheard his seven year-old son telling a friend “Taylor Swift works for my daddy.” He offered a gentle but clear correction: “Kids, just so we’re clear: Daddy works for Taylor Swift.” At a New York fan screening of Swift’s All Too Well short film in mid-November, Monte stood in the back of the movie theater, arms crossed, lightly swaying as Swift capped off the screening with an acoustic performance of the new, 10-minute version of the song. When she set down her guitar, he clapped just as wildly as the rest of the fans.
“Monte has a very sharpened gut instinct about projects, and I feel very fortunate to have benefited from that gift of his,” says Swift. “He was the one who championed my move from country to pop, and I’ll never forget him telling me that ‘Shake It Off’ was the one he thought should be the first single. Or calling him to tell him and my Republic team that I’d made a secret album in quarantine called folklore and that I wanted to put it out the following week. I had prepared a speech to persuade my label to let me do it. I should’ve known I wouldn’t need to use it, because Monte reacted as if I’d given him the best news of his life. He gets fired up about music in a way that’s very contagious. Hard work doesn’t scare him. Challenges don’t fatigue him. I’m very lucky to be on his team.”

Fonte: Republic Records Is 2021’s Top Label: Billboard Cover Story – Billboard

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