Um grupo de estudantes do ensino médio lida com diferentes situações típicas da idade como drogas, sexo, busca pela identidade, traumas, comportamento nas redes sociais e amizade.

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100% no Rotten até agora com cinco críticas.

Zendaya is exceptional at every turn. She adds heartbreaking levity to moments when her spiraling teenager feels invincible instead of fragile, and the way she carries herself, narrates each story, and generally handles the weight of leading a series are all as endearing as they are commanding. You feel for Rue and you’re surprised by her, which is no easy feat.” - IndieWire

An early career-defining performance from Zendaya, who is an absolute revelation here. […] Zendaya is masterful at getting at the raw, honest emotions of someone who freely admits that being high (on basically anything) frees her from what gnaws inside her. […] Zendaya displays a surprisingly acute ability to be instantly grounded and real. […] It’s an exceptional performance.” - The Hollywood Reporter

Zendaya delivers a stellar performance here, clearly the best of her career so far, and one that will surely be talked about come awards season. Her take on Rue is relatable and haunting as we see what continually leads her back to drugs again and again even as she sees how it hurts those around her. […] I cannot speak more highly of Zendaya’s performance which shows the true depth of her acting talent.” - JoBlo’s Movie Emporium

“Zendaya masterfully and powerfully leads this brutal and emotional depiction of 2019 teenage life, obliterating her Disney image while delivering what is sure to be among the best performances on television in 2019. […] Zendaya owns every bit of this, making (or at least trying to make) the audience believe everything she’s putting down. […] No matter how you’ll feel about the series, Zendaya is a star. She’s commanding in this moment and deserves respect for her performance. Black actresses are not often given the opportunities so young in the game in contrast to the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Saoirse Ronan, Emma Stone and Lily Collins. Zendaya’s performance here shows you what happens when Black actresses get space to shine. Although the series is premiering just shy of the 2019 Emmy deadline, hopefully, voters will remember and realize that with this series, she’s doing things that no one else is doing on television right now. Zendaya is seizing this moment, turning on her A-game and a star is re-born.” - Shadow and Act

“The silver lining here is that Zendaya is turning in her best performance yet, shining fearless honesty in her character’s darkest moments.” - Refinery29

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Zendaya fada

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HBO quality.

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Chocada com a aclamação da Zendaya. O cristal vai provar que não é só um fashion icon.

Vem Zendaya

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Though the sequence uses a prosthetic, it’s still likely to shock most audiences — as will a handful of other graphic scenes in the pilot, from a gut-wrenching drug overdose by star Zendaya, 22, to a sex scene between teens involving choking. In one episode alone, close to 30 penises flash onscreen.

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Ansioso, to sentindo que Zendaya vai pisar.


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