JYP proíbe BangChan de fazer sua famosa live “Chan’s Room” no V Live

Bang Chan later apologised for this comments in a post on the official Stray Kids Instagram. “I thought about the impact my words and behaviour can have on others, and have deeply reflected on myself,” he wrote at the time.

In a fan-captured video on Twitter, during what appears to be a fanmeeting event, Bang Chan reveals that he “can’t do Chan’s Roomanymore”. He added: “I want to actually, but the company says no.”

Ele mesmo desmentiu isso

Inclusive ele pisou nas fãs que estava espalhando isso kk

pensei que v live nao existia mais

Então pq será que um site como o NME publicou?

Porque as vagabundas das STAYs ficaram floodando essa merda até serem pisadas por ele