Marina Silva, Beyoncé, AESPA e Margot Robbie: Conheça as mulheres mais influentes do mundo pela Financial Times


by Michelle Bachelet
The world is facing a triple crisis of climate change, pollution and the loss of biodiversity. As Brazil’s minister of environment and climate change, Marina Silva is at the heart of that crisis. Growing up close to the rainforest in a small village community of rubber tappers, she witnessed the devastation of deforestation first-hand and has dedicated her life to fighting it. Marina became the first person from her community ever elected to the federal senate and built support for sustainable development in the Amazon region. She was appointed environment minister for the first time in 2003 by President Lula da Silva and returned to the role this year. She has taken drastic measures to protect the Amazon forest, creating a forest service, a biodiversity institute and the Amazon Fund, the largest international effort for rainforest conservation. Under her leadership, deforestation decreased by 59 per cent between 2004 and 2007. Marina continues to lead the charge to build climate resilience and restore the ecosystem known as “the lungs of the planet”. Michelle Bachelet is the former president of Chile and served as UN High Commissioner for Human Rights from 2018 to 2022

A apresentação da Beyonce foi escrita pela Oprah:

No matter what you’ve heard or read about the phenomenon that is Beyoncé, no description can capture the true essence of experiencing the velocity of her talent in person. Every moment of her Renaissance World Tour I was in jaw-dropping awe. Days after, I found myself asking, “What was that?” and tearing up trying to explain the concert to others. It was a truly transcendent experience, all brought into being through her elevated creativity and leadership. It was a marvel to witness someone fully embodying their power and glory. I danced out of the stadium, filled with even more admiration and respect for what it takes to be Beyoncé, inspired by her artistry to turn up the volume in my own life.


Growing up in the late 1990s in South Korea, I would spend hours listening to SES, part of the first generation of Korean pop music. When I moved to the UK, my classmates barely knew Korea existed. Little did I expect that by 2023, K-pop would have blazed into the mainstream, becoming one of the most popular musical genres in the world. While the top tiers of the Korean charts have been dominated by boy bands, a new wave of girl groups has been climbing the ranks. In the two years since they released their first album, aespa have set and then broken a series of records for K-pop girl groups, becoming the first to pass one million first-week sales with three consecutive albums, as well as playing Coachella and launching a world tour. With their experimentally layered instrumentation and fiery vocals accompanied by their sci-fi punk AI avatar counterparts (the “ae” in aespa refers to “avatar” and “experience”), aespa have pushed the boundaries of K-pop.

Marina Silva, Beyonce, Aespa

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Eu tiraria a Marina Silva e colocaria a Taylor

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só faltou a maior influenciadora da América Latina, Camila Loures

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marina silva dona da floresta amazonica

Mariny seria facilmente presidenta em algum país europeu, old que o Cusil não merece a doll.

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Giselle presidente do universo

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