NME lista as 15 melhores músicas de K-POP do ano até o momento

#1. BTS ‘Butter’
#2. Chung Ha ‘Bicycle’
#3. Day6 ‘You Make Me’
#4. DVWN ‘Yeonnam-dong’ feat. lIlBOI
#5. Epik High ‘Rosario’ feat. CL and Zico
#6. EVERGLOW ‘First’
#7. Heize ‘Happen’
#8. Hoshi ‘Spider’
#9. IU ‘Lilac’
#10. SHINee ‘Atlantis’
#12. Sunmi ‘Tail’
#13. Wendy ‘Like Water’
#14. WJSN ‘Unnatural’
#15. Wonho 'Ain’t About You’ feat. Kiiara

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STAYC’s ‘ASAP’ might not be the most immediate of songs – unlike the instant and addictive quality of their excellent debut single ‘So Bad’ – but the track creeps up on and stays with you. Once you hear this up-and-coming rookie girl group’s sophomore single, there’s little chance of getting it out of your head.

Gone is the bombastic and in-your-face vibe of more recent title tracks by other girl groups, giving way to a more delicate, low-key production. But don’t let the song’s modest nature fool you. Its weird but wonderful combination of bubblegum pop and sensual R&B, though initially confusing, becomes an enchanting potion that only STAYC’s hit-making producers Black Eyed Pilseung could craft.

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finjam que essa parte nao existe

essa daqui pode ser no máximo a segunda pior do ano

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o top 9 tendo apenas desgraças sonoras

Sem after school do weeekly sem melhores do ano

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tirou toda a credibilidade

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eu trocaria first do goreglow por we go do fromis 9 ou next level

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passei mal nessa

que listas são essas

o tigrão serviu muito aqui

Eu também…Parece até piada.

@anon86799153 quando voltar do ban favor comente esse amasso aqui que a NME deu em vc