Rolling Stones Austrália elege os 50 maiores artistas do país

#1- AC/DC

#2 - Sia

#3 Kylie Minogue - Since I was a little kid, Kylie Minogue has flown the Aussie flag all around the world and shown little girls like me that Australian artists can take on the best in the world. As so many little girls did – I grew up dancing to her music videos, singing her songs and dreaming that one day I could be like her.
In my eyes, Kylie is the one who set the bar for female Aussie pop artists. Kylie is the OG Australian pop artist, and you always look to her and reference her career for inspiration and motivation. She is an icon, a living legend and is in a league of her own.

#4 - INXS
#5 - Nick Cave and the Bed Seeds - *Because his work is real, he is not trying to make hits, he does not fear critiques, he just makes music that is the truest reflection of his soul at that time, and we should all be so grateful to have an artist that believes so much in the worth of art, and gives themself to us for the purpose of art. *

#6 - Midnight Oil
#7 Tame Impala
#8 - SIlverchair
#9 - Flume
#10 - Paul Kelly
#16 - 5 Seconds of Summer - For so long, ‘pop’ was a dirty word; especially when coupled with ‘boy band’. In my eyes, 5 Seconds of Summer have completely dismantled these stigmas as one of the best acts to ever come out of Australia. I don’t think they’ve put a foot wrong. In the past, boy bands have usually played it safe to appeal to a wider audience.

#20 - Olivia Newton-John - She was such an inspiration to so many people after she won her battle with breast cancer and further health issues after that. I feel that she has left (so far) a legacy of undeniably great songs and so many achievements in the entertainment world

#22 - Archie ROach
#25 - Men at Work -
#28 - Savage Garden
#29 - Keith Urban

#34 - Troye Sivan - * Artists like Troye break down walls for queer artists to follow in their footsteps, but he also has this level of artistry. Troye takes risks, he pushes boundaries. He’s in a position where it would be easy to make safe, accessible pop music and follow a line, but he did the opposite of that with the incredible In a Dream EP. That’s something I really strive to do with Cub Sport.*

#35 - Helen Reddy
#39 - Johny O’Keefe
#45 - The Angels
#48 - Air Supply

#50 - Iggy Azalea - Iggy Azalea will go down in history as the first Australian female rapper to successfully break through the US market. With global hits and bossed-up energy, Iggy continues to inspire the future generation of Aussie female rappers to come.

Leiam os textos completos feito para cada artista, são lindissimos
Queria muito uma dessa para o Brasil

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a iggy :skull:

Kylie >>>>

lenda no top50
será que a Karol entra no top50 da colombia?

essa ai ta em #1

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@Lovers simplesmente o maior ícone pop da nação
referencia de sucesso global para todas as pop girls do país

@Carlozillion marca os fãs da Iggy

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Shakira existe amor

Queria essa revista fisica! Deve estar linda

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O Tame Impala no top 10 simplesmente ELE

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ainda querendo entender a Sia na frente
deve ser pq o sucesso dela é mais recente


Ele na frente da Iggy. :speaking_head:

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a doll ja vai se aposentar

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a iggy em 50

Cadê a Rose?

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mds eles colocando a iggy em ultimo
que birra boba

nem sabia que tinha marcação do meu twink sensation
vou entrar

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E eu não vou aceitar.

Adidiua IN, ela lacrou

E ela foi mais global, eu acho…

Mas achei injusto ela na frente da Kylie mesmo.

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#0 - Lee Felix OLD