St. Vincent - The Melting of the Sun

St. Vincent will be releasing the second single called ‘Melting Of The Sun’ from her upcoming album ‘Daddy’s Home’ on April 1. The song has a length of 4:17 and is only written by Annie herself. On the track, the singer said to Rolling Stone:

“People were trying to quiet [women in the entertainment industry] when they were saying something that was righteous or true or hard to hear. [That song] in particular is a love letter to strong, brilliant female artists. Each of them survived in an environment that was in a lot of ways hostile to them.”



Morrendo que ela cita o episódio de Me And My Gun da Tori na bridge @anon5529579

“Brave Tori”

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vou virar fã dela

mais um hino, o rollout ta perfeito


muito boaaaa e achei melhor que pain

eu tô apaixonado, acho que não sentia esse impacto de cara desde digital witness

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É bem similar ao lyric video.

@anon5529579 aparece a Tori em animação, amiga :sob:

deixei meu like

Jane lost it, crashed her corvette

Amiga, vamos dar stream em Me And a Gun como comemoração

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