Suprema Corte dos EUA derruba perdão de dívidas estudantis de Biden

Supreme Court kills Biden student debt relief plan

The justices ruled in two cases challenging President Joe Biden’s authority to forgive federal student loans under a 2003 law called the HEROES Act.

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Friday invalidated President Joe Biden’s student loan debt relief plan, meaning the long-delayed proposal intended to implement a campaign trail promise will not go into effect.

The justices, divided 6-3, ruled in one of two cases that the program was an unlawful exercise of presidential power because it had not been explicitly approved by Congress.

Chief Justice John Roberts wrote that the court’s precedent “requires that Congress speak clearly before a department secretary can unilaterally alter large sections of the American economy.”

The plan, which would have allowed eligible borrowers to cancel up to $20,000 in debt and would have cost more than $400 billion, has been blocked since the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued a temporary hold in October.

About 43 million Americans would have been eligible to participate.

The student loan proposal is important politically to Biden, as tackling student loan debt was a key pledge he made on the campaign trail in 2020 to energize younger voters.

Suprema Corte dos EUA derruba plano de Biden sobre cancelar dívida de estudantes; Casa Branca discorda da decisão

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FIXO: Suprema Corte dos EUA derruba/acaba/elimina

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Vão acabar dando gás pra reeleição do Biden que a essa altura tá quase morta

Mexeram com as mulheres, os lgbts e agora os jovens estudantes… se fizerem algo contra os negros vai ser bingo

Trump 2026 já é fato, resta aceitar

Um candidato de esquerda de verdade conseguiria surfar nessas decisões absurdas e ganhar popularidade, mas os democratas tem o Joe Biden kkkkkk

Na vdd, isso pode ativar as bases do partido democrata, igual aconteceu com o aborto…

Antes da medida, todas as pesquisas mostravam q os Reps estavam mais empolgados a votar, depois que a Suprema Corte derrubou, os Dems dispararam…

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Já fizeram, ontem mesmo mataram as cotas raciais em universidades

Verdade, então faltam os imigrantes

Schumer accuses conservative justices of ‘hypocrisy,’ citing gifts

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer criticized conservative justices who accept “lavish” gifts for themselves and ruled against President Joe Biden’s student debt forgiveness plan for middle-income borrowers.

Schumer’s comment may be a preview of how Democrats will respond politically to the recent court decisions.

“This disappointing and cruel student debt ruling shows the callousness of the MAGA Republican-controlled Supreme Court,” he wrote in a separate tweet.

‘If you take out a loan, you pay it back’: 2024 GOP presidential candidates praise decision

Several 2024 Republican presidential candidates expressed their support for the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan.

Former Vice President Mike Pence called the plan an “egregious violation of the Constitution” in a statement, adding that he was "pleased that the Court struck down the Radical Left’s effort to use the money of taxpayers who played by the rules and repaid their debts in order to cancel the debt of bankers and lawyers in New York, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. "

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley tweeted that the court was "right to throw out Joe Biden’s power grab.

South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott used the opportunity to share his campaign ad on the topic, saying, “It’s time for a president who values hard work”

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SCOTUS delivers blow to Biden’s multibillion-dollar taxpayer-funded student loan handout

Graduates ‘devastated’ by Supreme Court ruling on student loan forgiveness

Suprema Corte do US lixos

Suprema Corte dos EUA vai ganhar um fixo na nova BC

Biden vai continuar tentando passar o perdão das dívidas

Os democratas nao sao de esquerdaz e o Biden esta feliz que a corte suprema derrubou isso, eles precisam de dinheiro.

Isso aí é só pro eleitorado dele ver, no fim elr quer o povo pagando mesmo