W Magazine: os melhores momentos da cultura pop nessa década

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melhores momentos. melhores album out ou em posições menores que o Anti

a relevancia dessa lista

Beychella icônico demais

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n 2010, in the seventh season of The X Factor , five British lads came together to form a band called One Direction. There was Niall, the sweet one, Louis, the prankster, Harry the heartthrob, Liam, the band’s natural vocal leader, and Zayn, the bad boy. Teens around the world quickly fell in love with their heavily-produced sound and chart-topping 2011 single "What Makes You Beautiful.” There were multiple SNL appearances, two concert films, and so much fan fiction. Not since Beatlemania had there been such a British invasion into American pop culture. We had all really, really missed boy bands, it seemed. But then, turbulence—Zayn left the band in 2015. 1D made two more albums post-Zayn (who attempted to embark on what became a rocky solo career), before Harry Styles left to do his own thing, with far more aplomb. The other three soon followed and while the band says they are on “hiatus,” we all know the chance of them getting back together in any capacity is slim. - B.M.

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Meat dress foi o assunto mais falado de 2010

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Gaga um MARCO

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A coisa mais inteligente que ele fez, descansou e foi fazer o filme

Filme da decada

Moonlight —released on October 21, 2016, with direction and screenwriting by Barry Jenkins and story development by Tarell Alvin McCraney—is one of the decade’s most galvanizing and poignant films. From Liberty City, Miami, it tells a three-tiered coming-of-age (and coming out) narrative around Chiron, who must not only come to terms with his own identity, but also those powerful peripheral forces that can fragment it like a palm frond might the glow of a street lamp. The movie, produced by A24, achieved huge success: it won Best Picture at the Academy Awards, becoming the first film with an all-black cast to do so. It was also the first victor in the category to be focused around an LGBTQ-related premise. Mahershala Ali, who plays Juan, a drug dealer who also stands in as a father figure for Chiron, became the first Muslim to win an Oscar for acting. Yet the most remarkable thing about Moonlight is not its accolades—it is the film’s inherent humanity, regardless of race or sexual orientation or socioeconomic bracket. The scene in which Juan pseudo-baptizes Chiron, in the gray-green murkiness of Biscayne Bay, is definitive: no matter who you are, we’re all just trying to stay afloat. -N.R.

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A mentira, Zayn ainda tá no Four, só n tá no MITAM

Oxente. Colocaram foto do Blackpink e não as citam?? Deveriam ter citado ou trocado a foto.
Contudo, inegável a força do Kpop na atualidade.

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Even when Ryan Murphy doesn’t give us what we think we want (traditional narrative structure, satisfying and cohesive world-building logic, sensical conclusion, consistent tempo), he can give us things so singularly bizarre that we couldn’t have imagined how much we needed them. Case in point: American Horror Story . Things like Frances Conroy strapped to a pyre while dressed up in Grace Coddington drag screaming “Balenciaga!” before being burned alive. Indeed, AHS’s Coven may stand as Murphy’s defining television creation. It was so close to actually making sense, but if it’s failures were because Murphy was too busy trying to cast Stevie Nicks and dreaming up lines like “What is this? Knotty pine!?” for Jessica Lange, then, well, we forgive him. -K.M.

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nossa menina Miley como sempre marcando a década, não apenas 1 semana
boatos que só nós viviamos/lembravamos de 2013

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Melhor temporada e choca as fãs do asilo. Minha mamãe bruxa branca

Beyoncé LENDA!
Quantos momentos importantes mesmo

Parabéns Baby V e Ashley

Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers , circa 2013, was a messy yet riveting ode to the polychrome teenage wasteland of coastal Florida, and by extension, any party town when school’s out. It starred Selena Gomez and James Franco (as a maybe-rapper named Alien), among others, and was scored by Skrillex (which I’d forgotten, but which is a very essential piece of information). Its reception among critics and audiences alike was weak-to-average at best. No matter, though: Spring Breakers was ahead of its time. In one respect, it paved the way for hyper-saturated Floridian fare, such as 2017’s far stronger The Florida Project , and in another, it painted the framework for the neon hallucinatory aura that would heavily inform HBO’s Euphoria . We’ll also never be able to get the lingering line “spraaaaaaang breaaaak” out of our heads. -N.R.

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Miley dona dessa década!

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The Monterey Five—as they will be known in the canon of entertainment history—are a quintet of women in the HBO series Big Little Lies (an adaptation of a book by the same name by Liane Moriarty). There is Reese Witherspoon’s feisty Madeline Mackenzie, Zoë Kravitz’s troubled Bonnie Carlson, Nicole Kidman’s ethereal yet wounded Celeste Wright, Shailene Woodley’s new-to-the-scene and also wounded Jane Chapman, and the absolutely masterful Laura Dern as an uncompromising, if insecure, Renata Klein. Together, the cover up a killing, but more interestingly, they never let you in on whether or not they actually do have good intentions. Like the eerie calm of the Pacific looming permanently in the background, you can’t help but wonder that these women have bigger, not-so-little lies in their pasts, as they swirl around their expensive glasses of wine. Kidman gives an incredible scene in which Celeste, a lawyer, is defending herself in a custody battle. But it is Dern’s brilliant, unhinged line—“I will not not be rich!”—that sets the lightly absurd tone for one of the most soapy-shimmery programs of the 2010’s. -N.R.

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